About Nadine

My love affair with clay and ceramics began at the early age of 11, when my mother took me along to a class in my hometown of Chemnitz in East Germany. Although my memories of this time are clouded, I still remember how I enjoyed the feeling of working the clay, smoothing the surface of my pots and the satisfaction of holding a finished piece.

Ever since, ceramics have played a part in my life. Looking back, I have always loved exploring the raw material and experimenting with its limits, especially frayed edges and the general unpredictability of glazing or mixing clay-bodies fascinate me.


Solidago is the name of a plant that I used to play with as a child and it still fascinates me today. Hence the name of my business. I have established the brand in September 2017 and would describe my pieces as functional and beautiful to serve food from or as display items around the house.


My inspiration comes from my travel experience and the beautiful nature around me, especially my garden. I pot part time, use mainly Stoneware and Porcelain, and prefer hand-building techniques such as slab-building and pinching. More recently I am experimenting with coloured clay and agateware techniques. 

I am based in Menston, West Yorkshire.  

work in progress
Functional Ware
Tea-time (1).jpg

All my functional ware is handmade from start to finish, fired two times, glazed, lead-free and food-safe. All my ceramics are built totally by hand using stoneware clay. All serving dishes are oven-proof.

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All my pieces are handmade from start to finish, fired two times, glazed, lead-free.

I make pieces to brighten up your garden and some to just make you smile.


My garden collection is designed to be outside all year round to brighten even the most dull winter day. In the summer they will add a splash of colour, make your garden safer and give wildlife a chance too. Come and have a look.  

Please email me for commissions: solidagoceramics@gmail.uk